Meet our staff at Washin Air!

We are all friendly and we love flying. We strive to ensure that our customers enjoy the experience of the Hawaiian sky. Feel free to stop by and chat with us at our office!

4 questions were asked to each staff:
(1. Where are you from? 2. How long have you been in Hawaii?  3. where is your favorite spot in Hawaii? 4. Where is your favorite restaurant in Hawaii?)

Ogura Pres
President, Ogura

Washin Air’s president with a heavy Kansai dialect. Dedicated to helping you enjoy flying the Hawaiian sky, with the Japanese spirit of “Wa” (Harmony) and “Shin” (truth).

  1.  Kyoto
  2.  24 years
  3.  Kapiolani Park
  4.  Nanzan Giro Giro
Nomura cap
Captain, Nomura

An instructor also with a heavy Kansai dialect. His main occupation is a translater. Who would have guessed he makes Nuka-zuke (pickles) by himself?

  1.  Osaka
  2.  2 years
  3.  Honolulu International Airport
  4.  Huli Huli Chicken (Maui Mike’s)

8 years of working at Washin Air, she’s become an old-timer without her noticing! We leave all the office work to her.

  1.  Tokyo
  2.  8 years
  3.  The beach by Waikiki shore
  4.  Morton’s  The Steakhouse

Washin Air’s newcomer. A sports-oriented girl who surfs and participates in marathon instructor on the weekend.

  1.  Kanagawa
  2.  10 years
  3.  Makaha Beach
  4.  Yohei Sushi
Staff Rie

Born in Kyoto, raised in Osaka. Loves to eat and make food, and is currently into gardening at home. Let her know if you have tips on how to make vegetables!

  1.  Kyoto
  2.  1 year
  3.  Home
  4.  SUSHI II
Staff Kiyoshi

30 years of being a chef, his hobby is to try out various food. A hakata-boy who loves cars and martial arts!

  1.  Kyushu
  2.  3 years
  3.  Ward Center
  4.  Hyung Je Restaurant

Washin Air’s reliable mechanic. Trained and certified as a mechanic in the Navy, he was in charge of maintenance of the Presidential Helicopter. What a background!

  1.  Ilinoi
  2.  33 years
  3.  Aiea area
  4.  New Eagle Cafe

Washin Air’s driver serving transportation. His warm and gentle smile will welcome you and keep you at ease.

  1.  Tokyo
  2.  13 years
  3.  Home
  4.  Zippy’s

Washin Air’s reliable mechanic alongside Carl. To ensure everyone’s safety, he will not neglect one bit of the maintenance every 100 hours.

  1.  Kentucky
  2.  14 years
  3.  The airport
  4.  Auntie Pasto’s