Flight School

Pilot enthusiasts! Join Washin Air’s Flight School!

At Washin Air, not only do we have Flight Experience courses, but also offer courses for those aspiring to become commercial airline pilots. A variety of courses are available from Private pilots to ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) to FAA license certification.



Training at the Honolulu International Airport

The highest level of pilot certification, ATP(Airline Transport Pilot), can be attained here too!


The 3 features

Washin Air’s Flight School has the 3 most important features for flight training.
No. 1
No. 1
Become a pilot in Hawaii!
Hawaii's weather is relatively stable throughout the year, making it an ideal location for flight training. Flights arrive daily, and you can participate within a relatively short time, so it's possible to start training even on your arrival date. For those leaving on an evening flight, you might be able to come fly in the morning before you leave. It is more convenient and economical than getting licensed on the mainland.
No. 2
No. 2
Lessons from our Experienced Instructors!
Licenses issued in Hawaii are valid all across the US. The Instructors at Washin Air are extensively experienced, and many have ATP licenses, which is the highest level of pilot certification. If you have a High School diploma or equivalent, the average time to get a license is about 2 to 3 months.
No. 3
No. 3
Become a Real Pilot and Fly Everywhere!
We use the Honolulu International Airport for training because there is a control tower. Some flight schools offer quick certification on private airstrips often skipping on how to communicate with the ground, making you a pilot that can only fly on training grounds. At Washin Air, communication with the control tower is one of the priorities, so you can fly in and out of any airport.

The pilot licenses you can earn

All grades of pilot licenses issued by the FAA can be attained at Washin Air.


This is a non-commercial license, which allows you to fly a private aircraft with friends or family aboard.

Commercial Pilot License

This is a commercial license that allows you to receive income as a pilot. There are specific single engine or multi engine ratings and a minimum of 250 flight hours is required.

Multi Engine Rating

If you have a non-commercial pilot’s license, you can apply for this rating. It will allow you to fly an aircraft with more than one engine. The test is only on practical skill and there are no flight time requirements or written tests so it can be attained in a relatively short time.

Certified Flight Instructor License

You will be able to teach non-commercial and commercial pilots with this license. Called a CFI, you will need a commercial pilot’s license to attain this.

Instrument Rating

This license allows you to conduct instrument flights in bad weather, when visibility is poor. Single engine and multi engine licenses are available.

ATP(Airline Transport Pilot)

An ATP is needed to become a Captain of a commercial airliner. A minimum of 1500 flight hours is necessary.

Enrollment・Training Fee


Washin Air is open for Flight School enrollment throughout the year. Please fill out an *Enrollment Form and mail or fax us the copy.


Also, we offer a free transportation service in our Washin Air van, so feel free to call us when you arrive at the Honolulu International Airport. (Free transportation)



To request an *Enrollment Form, please contact Washin Air separately.

Training Fee

There are 2 methods of payment; “Pay-as-you-go” or “Block Rates”. “Block Rates” is when you create a pre-paid account by purchasing your desired block first, then deducting the fees for the time you flew. The flight fees are the same for both methods, but there is a bonus system for the “Block Rates” where the larger amount you spend, the more extra flight money you get. It would be a more economical choice to get more flight time for your money.


“Block Rates” prices (Price with bonus, tax not included)
$2,000 ($2,200 worth)
$3,000 ($3,330 worth)
$4,000 ($4,480 worth)
$5,000 ($5,625 worth)
$7,000 ($7.950 worth)
$10,000 ($11,725 worth)

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