Do you pick up at our hotel? Can we be picked up at a location other than our hotel in Waikiki?
Generally, free transportation is included within the Ala Moana-Waikiki areas. We normally don’t pick up outside of the areas mentioned, but please ask beforehand. For details on transportation, please refer to our “Contact” page.
How long before we come back to our hotel?
It depends on the course you choose and the traffic situation, but for a 60 minutes flight, you can expect to be back at your hotel in about 3 hours.
If I went scuba diving in the morning, can I fly on the same day in the afternoon?
Diving or snorkeling in shallow water would not be a problem, but if you did a deep dive, give yourself at least 24 hours before taking flight. If you are unsure, give us a call.
Does the flight time count as official air time?
At Washin Air, qualified Instructors are there with you all the way, so your time flying is officially counted. This can be used in case you plan to pursue a pilot’s license in the future.
Will I be taught how to fly beforehand?
Before a flight, we use a panel to get you acquainted with the instruments you will be using. Visit our “Our Aircraft” page to get a head start on the various meters you will see.
If there are 2 people wanting to pilot the plane, do I need to wait at the office?
Everyone boards the same aircraft, and one person sits in the pilot’s seat while the other is seated in the rear passenger seat. We fly to an airstrip located at another location, and change positions, then head back to Honolulu International Airport.
Do we have to pay for the extra 30 minutes seated in the passenger seat?
No. You only pay for the time you’re piloting the aircraft.
If there are 2 people piloting, and one sat in the passenger seat, would that person be charged for the passenger fee for 2?
No, you will only pay the passenger fee for 1 person.
Where do we switch pilots?
We land at an airfield or Honolulu Airport and then switch positions. We never switch while in the air.
Can we fly our own course?
There are rules and designated flight paths, but we try our best to fulfill your request. There are simple descriptions to each course on each “Flight Experience” and “Scenic Flight” pages.
I have a license. Can I fly solo?
No, a pilot from Washin Air must accompany you.
Will flights get cancelled due to rain or strong winds?
Depending on the severity, we may delay take-off until visibility improves, but a flight hardly ever gets cancelled due to high winds.
In situations as stated above, what is the cancellation policy?
If in the event the flight is cancelled due to poor visibility, there is no cancellation charge. At your request, we can reschedule to another date.
Can we charter a flight to the neighbor islands?
No, we don’t do charter flights. We can, however, fly to the neighbor island with a Washin Air pilot aboard, and immediately return to Honolulu.
How high will we fly?
About 2,000 feet (600 meters).
What is the temperature during flight?
It is about 72 degrees F. It’s very comfortable.
Can a person with disabilities fly?
If you have control of your upper body, it’s possible to fly. The passenger seat is open to everybody. However, boarding and disembarking the plane requires some effort, so it may be necessary to get assistance.
Can a person with hearing disability fly?

We can use a message board and use hand gestures, so there should be no problem.

I get motion sickness. Will I be ok?
We strongly recommend taking motion sickness pills prior to flight. Eat lightly before the flight. If you take your own video, you may get dizzy if you look through the finder for long periods of time. We have air-sickness bags, so if you feel queasy, let the pilot know.
Is there an age limit in piloting a plane?
Not really. Grade-school children are welcome and even younger children can pilot an aircraft as long as they understand the words left right up and down. Seniors over the age of 80 have flown on numerous occasions with us, so age is not an issue.
Can small children fly without being able to see in front or reach the pedals?
We can adjust the height of the seat with cushions, and there is no effect on flight even if their feet cannot reach the floor.
How do I pay?
Cash, traveler’s checks are accepted. All major credit cards except for American Express are accepted but a processing fee will apply.
Do children younger then 2 years of age need to pay?
No. Children over 2 will be charged.
Do I need to bring my passport?
No, there is no need for your passport.
How long in advance do I need to reserve?
We get pretty full during the high season, so an early reservation is recommended.
What is your cancellation policy?
There is no cancellation fee applied if you notify us 24 hours or more in advance, but a 100% fee applies to anything inside of 24 hours.
Is there an insurance policy in case of an accident?
There is a $1 million per incident, $100,000 per person policy, but Washin Air has remained incident-free for the 13 years since opening in October of 1997.